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We have had more than a decade experience with the sporting and guard dog breeds but NEVER thought of breeding them. It was in the late 90’s, we got our first Swissy puppy by name (Ortiz). She was an amazing puppy and a bundle of joy so we decided to get a Male from a local breeder. Being a guard dog breeder and a have always been a guard dog lover, we just cannot help it, we had to look for the purest, finest and the best Greater Swiss Mountain dog pair available to keep. "Once a breeder, you are a breeder for life" and we hope to share our amazing Swissy puppy experience with all Greater Swiss Mountain lovers!.

Before starting this adventure, we did a thorough research and followed hundreds of pedigrees, and brought some quite awesome Swissy pups into our breeding program.

And in the year 2000, we started our program together 15 years ago as a Veteran Owned and Family Operated organization and through the years, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our breeding, training, grooming and boarding programs. Bringing the joy of pairing a well behaved dog to the lives of each of our clients is our ultimate goal. If it is through finding a new puppy or training an older dog, our family and staff will make sure you are satisfied with your best friend.

Our core belief is that our dog’s needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire family is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeated customers and referrals. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver only the best dogs and dog services. We only breed the highest quality Swissy, driven to take on any task set before them: All puppies are implanted with Microchip ID before they leave our care so they will hopefully never be lost or abandoned. If they can’t get in touch with the puppies owners the microchip recovery service will call me and we will take the puppy/dog back until we are able to get in touch with you. Our Family does not condone Puppy Mills, and we strongly discourage against all breeding practices in which the health and well-being of innocent dogs and puppies are compromised.

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What our clients are saying!

Pablo Gomez

"Cherished GSMD" are very knowledgeable and obviously care deeply about their dogs. Easy to work with and go above and beyond. Can’t wait to get our baby boy in another month! Got our Swissy pup from these guys. They were very professional and sold us a healthy, smart, playful, quality Swissy. We are so excited to get our new puppy in 4 more weeks.

Katherine Schaal

You can be sure that you are in good hands with "Cherished GSMD". They made me confident about our purchase of a puppy online and ensured that we will get a beautiful healthy Swissy puppy. They were available to answer questions from day 1 and even days after our puppy was delivered. They took care of everything! The hardest part was waiting for our beautiful puppy to arrive.

Morine Garcia

This is our first dog so we were really nervous about finding the right one that would work for our family and lifestyle. "Cherished GSMD" made the process so easy and full proof. Our little angel was actually delivered directly to our doorstep, which was amazing. The breeder must have done some training with him because he is absolutely the best puppy we could have ever gotten. The breeder checked in with us the day after delivery to see how he was doing . His temperament is perfect, he is a great listener and the cutest thing ever. The best addition to our family. Thank you for making this process so easy.

Jimenez Selby

I love my puppy Willow, but didn't feel Cherished GSMD provided a lot of transparency before she came home to be about how she was being raised by the breeder or what was happening with her vet checks. I had to specifically ask to speak to the breeder and request photos. I wish there had been more visibility into how she was and when (and how) she was coming home to me. It felt like there wasn't much preparation or communication. In fact, the joy and comfort Willow is giving is far more than what I was expecting.

Nichelle Hodges

We have been looking for a Greater Swiss Mountain dog for a long time now from a reputable breeder until we finally got in contact with "Cherished GSMD" who found us a great pup even though they are out of our state. They had her delivered to our doorstep and she came with her birth certificate and immunization records. The service was excellent and we are very pleased with the beautiful healthy puppy we purchased. Daisy is a stunning little priceless jewel.

Curtis Morgan

Our experience with "Cherished GSMD" was great. Our 7 year old girl’s dream is fulfilled and he has his little cute Swissy puppy!. Pepper is such a great dog and very protective.

Kilrien Lambert

I did a Google search for puppies and came across Cherished GSMD. I was looking for a Swissy puppy. I saw Angel AKA Mia and fell in love. Every step of my process in purchasing her and getting her home to Phoenix was an unbelievably easy process. "Cherished GSMD" kept me updated on her progress and if I had any questions about anything, they would ALWAYS get back to me. I am strongly considering getting Mia a playmate. When that decision is made, I will only go through "Cherished GSMD". Cherished GSMD" treat their puppies like they are real children. Thank you for all of your help, and answering my dumb questions.

Mrs. Marianna Quarterman

We purchased little Stella about 3 weeks ago. She arrived fews days ago. And we are in LOVE! Thanks be to "Cherished GSMD" for giving us such a bundle of joy. Now my experience with Cherished GSMD is that they have been amazing to work with! From the moment we laid our eyes on Stella, Cherished GSMD has been uber receptive, always getting back to us fast and attending to our requests. The travel was smooth and Stella got here without any issues or delays, and was a happy little girl. Absolutely, I love "Cherished GSMD" and would recommend it to everyone.
Now back to Stella - wow, what a sweet, smart, well behaved little puppy. She pretty much got the potty training down in one day and was able to pick 3 tricks already. I have had 2 Aussies before, so I know how smart they are, but Stella is truly a puppy to be proud about. I had surgery and was hospitalized, Stella was sleeping next to me on the same bed. My fiancé and I are over the moon. Thank you again to "Cherished GSMD" We love you and our new pup!